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Gym Leadership

Helping Ordinary Coaches do Extraordinary Work

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What could happen if you and your team practiced ONE leadership action step each week for 1 year?

Increased client retention, less staff turnover, better served clients, more imaginative ideas?

The list is endless.

Show Me How

Gym Leadership simplifies the leadership training process offering self-paced learning modules, group and 1:1 coaching.  

Which should I choose?

How it Works

Start your path to excellence and watch your professional (and personal) leadership soar. ​

Leadership Modules

Practice your leadership and earn CEC's* with Leadership Modules that include:

​12 weeks of Relevant Leadership Lessons
Dynamic Weekly Action Steps
Practical Application

Assessment Opportunities
Resources to go deeper
Private Leadership Forum

​Self-led and ready to use, this warm-up is perfect for leaders in any position.

Time Commitment: Approximately 20-30 minutes/week for 12 weeks.

Course is currently open and you can start anytime.

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Coaching Group Deep Dives

Dive deep into practical leadership with a small group of like minded professionals who will offer encouragement, insight, and accountability.

​Following the Leadership Module Curriculum, each group is led by a Head Coach and includes weekly coaching sessions that incorporate role playing, challenging questions and real-life work/leadership situations.

​12-week Coaching Groups run twice a year.

The next session begins March 23, 2020. Space is limited to 15 per group.

Time Commitment: 60-90 minutes/week for 10 weeks

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1:1 Online Coaching

Take your leadership development to it's highest level with 1:1 coaching. Individual attention is given to YOU and YOUR growth as a leader, whatever position you currently hold. All coaching is done via video chat and is led by an experienced coach.

Single hour or block sessions are available. 

​After all, every coach needs a coach.

Time Commitment: 60 minutes/week or bi-weekly

Schedule a Discovery Session

Gym Leadership is here to help you grow ​and increase your influence.

It's more than a place to consume more content.
It's a place to:

  • Put ideas into practice.
  • Learn with and from others.
  • Be challenged by your coach.
  • Implement ideas in a supportive environment.
Get Started Today

Help! I'm Stuck!

1:1 Coaching for Critical Situations

You don't have to figure this out alone.

I need help now!

"Grow on the inside and your outside will prosper."  

John Maxwell

Never miss out on a chance to grow your leadership.

Dare to Branch Out

Groves of Redwood trees teach us something extremely valuable.

​There is strength in numbers.

They don't even try to 'grow' alone. Instead, they wrap their root systems together to create a formidable bond that withstands centuries of wind, rain, and storms. They stand together in solidarity, daring the elements to break them.

Imagine that kind of support in your corner.

How would that change the way  you make decisions, take risks, and start new ventures?

It would change everything. ​

Improve my leadership

Be intentional and consistent with your leadership training.

My Story



As a former departmental lead with oversight of 40+ staff members, I know how important staff development is to you. But your time is already eaten up with meetings, administrative duties, hiring, managerial oversight, and so much more.

​You're busy. Like, slammed busy.

Yes, you want to pour into the leadership development of your team, but you just don't have the time to do proper research, development, create the content, share it and do the necessary follow up consistently.

So it goes back to your 'to do' list for another time.

Let Gym Leadership solve this problem for you.

Lead My Team

What Others Are Saying

Real Coaches, Real Clients

"​​In my 15+ years of coaching at every level, I can assure you the one thing that's holding you and your team back is LOL--lack of leadership. I am beyond excited to be a part of Coach Leslie's Gym Leadership. Instead of wasting your time on another program that will sit on your shelf, consider investing in the person that will make the most difference in your life--you."

Adam Feit
PhD Candidate in Sports Psychology and Master Coach at Precision Nutrition.

"Leslie has helped me to find out more about myself, what I wanted to achieve, and has been able to guide me to overcome my fears and reach my goals. I am stronger emotionally, physically, and mentally than I have ever been."

Clint Rehn
Coaching Client

"Gym Leadership is elevating our industry, one professional at a time. Coach Leslie has a proven track record in fitness, health and leadership that goes way beyond mediocre. We've all taken continuing education or career advancement courses which excite and empower us at the time of the course, and immediately after. This program takes career advancement one step further. It's a continual drip feed of coached, actionable information that will transform the way that you show up at work, everyday."

Gillian Hagg
Precision Nutrition Women's Coach

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