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The Coach's Corner

Where you'll find the Tip of the Week, Leadership Quotes and the Weekly Coaching Interview

An Interview with Coach Adam Feit

coach interview Feb 06, 2020

Meet Coach Adam Feit, Curriculum Developer for Precision Nutrition, Coordinator of Physical and Mental Performance at Springfield College and PhD Candidate in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

  • In this interview we talk about:
  • How he got into the field
  • The biggest challenges he sees for new professionals.
  • One of his biggest mistakes
  • How he stays sharp and on task, even with a busy schedule.
  • What coaches need to understand to thrive in this industry.

And so much more...

Don't miss this exclusive interview with one of the top coaches in the field of strength and conditioning and sport and exercise psychology.

And please, comment below. Ask your questions and let's talk.

  • What is your greatest takeaway?
  • How will you apply it?
  • What questions do you have?

Now, fill up your coffee cup or water bottle and click the link below. This is coaching gold.

Click here to listen to the conversation.

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