Frequently Asked Questions

Most courses run 12 weeks and include a weekly lesson, questions for consideration, actions steps and resources for further reading/development.

Gym Leadership is designed for ​health and fitness professionals who want to have influence and longevity in the industry, but especially those new to the field or in a time of leadership transition.

Follow the link to the level you want to join, set up your payment and you're in! 

Yes. Gym Leadership membership is ongoing, with the exception of Coaching Groups.

YES! Click here for free stickers & bookmarks! 

​Yes. A limited number of onsite consultations are available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

​1:1 coaching is set up as a weekly or biweekly coaching call, to be determined by you and your coach during your consultation.

Twice a year, beginning in March and September. Both run for 10-weeks.

Please go to to learn more. We partner with them because we believe that having clean water isn't a privilege, it's a right of every human on the planet. We hope that by partnering with them, we will help to end the world's water crisis in our lifetime. 

We certainly hate to see you go, but realize there are many reasons you might choose to cancel your membership. Please note that coaching groups are nonrefundable after the start date of the course. For all questions, please contact [email protected] Please allow up to 7 business days to see this change on your account. You will be removed from any future billing as well as removed from the Member's Only site.

Fees are specific for each service. 

  • Coaching Groups are $625/person for a 12-week session. 
  • One-on-one coaching is $600 for a block of 5 sessions; $1,100 for a block of 10 sessions.
  • "Help! I'm Stuck" fees are $150.00/hr
  • 12-week online courses are $149.00

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