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Leadership Modules offer Clarity, Focus and a Coach in your Corner

The curriculum focuses on growing your leadership from the inside out. ​You'll work on: Time management, Blind spots, Personality styles, Communication. Confrontation, Influence, Integrity, Hiring, Staffing, Burnout and more. All on your own time and at your own pace.

Why Join a ​Learning Module?

​To help you move toward excellence. This self-paced learning environment is perfect for every level of leader, but ESPECIALLY those new to the field. Each week you'll get practical tips, resources and a chance to interact with the larger community in the leadership forum. Join a Learning Module and watch your personal and professional leadership soar.

Move Toward Excellence in 20 minutes per week.

Making the decision to grow your leadership requires action.  And that action shows commitment.

You are joining an elite group of fitness professionals who want to level up their leadership. Men and women from around the world, representing all aspects of the industry, are joining together to become people of deep and lasting influence.

This is a life changing decision because what you'll learn here will reach every part of your life, especially your professional pursuits.

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Learn on Your Own Time and at Your Own Pace

Practice your leadership and earn CEC's with Leadership Modules that include:

​Relevant Leadership Lessons
Dynamic Leadership Themes
Practical Application
Resources to go Deeper
Private Forum

​Self-paced and ready to use, this warm-up is perfect for leaders in any position.

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What to Expect

Professional, practical leadership leadership lessons that you can access anytime.

The opportunity to join a leadership forum.

At the end of each module you will be able to:
Identify your areas of strength within the topic.
Identify your growth opportunities within the topic.
Implement four very practical and tangible action steps that will improve your leadership.​
Connect with other fitness professionals in the community forum.
Trace your action steps.
Create an action plan

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